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In this economic climate of slow growth, our City needs to focus its resources on basic city services while preparing for the infrastructure of a future in which sustainable and renewable energy will, increasingly, be replacing carbon-based energy. This needs to be established as City policy.

As our City needs to replace infrastructure, we should be building in features that will that accommodate those changes. One example would be when we build or resurface a City parking lot we stub in the electrical connections that will make it ready for charging stations when they will be needed. All the major car companies recently announced that they are moving toward all-electric vehicles for many of their models in the not too distant future. We need to be prepared.

The City needs to then publicize this policy through the news media and market it in a campaign that would identify the City of DeKalb as a forward-thinking City worthy of investing in a business or raising a family. 

The City should also seek federal and state dollars for the extension of Metra trains to DeKalb. The commuter rail line currently ends at Elburn. For many years we the people of Illinois have been sending more of our federal taxes to Washington, DC than we have been getting back. It's time that us taxpayers of Illinois get our fair share from Washington.


• Why are you running for city council?


I care about our community and believe that my past experience as Alderman gives me the knowledge about how DeKalb city government works. I have a reputation for thoroughly scrutinizing City staff recommendations on behalf of the residents of the 3rd Ward.


• How will you keep in touch with concerns of residents in your ward?


The first thing is to listen to their concerns by making myself available by phone, e-mail, Facebook and NextDoor. Walking around neighborhoods allows me to connect with residents. Attending events in the Ward and the City at large allows me the opportunity to hear from people in an informal setting. I would also hold periodic “coffees” for people to have conversations about whatever concerns them.


• Is the city government doing enough to fight crime? Why or why not?


Chief Lowrey has focused resources on areas where crime is a problem. He has also been proactive by creating a summer program for kids in the University Village neighborhood which created an environment for the community to interact with police officers in a positive context. This approach helps build trust as residents’ eyes and ears are the first line of defense in fighting crime. More bike patrols in the 3rd Ward would be helpful.


• The city is creating a new tax increment financing district focused on downtown and the surrounding area. Do you support this, and what should be priorities for redevelopment?


I support the new TIF district and the newly established guidelines for their use. Development priorities should be to invest in infrastructure that would make us attractive for private investment. As far as direct incentives to private business the City should be more selective and focus on retaining or expanding jobs.


• Balancing the budget will continue to be a key concern. What is your philosophy on local government spending?


The City should focus on providing the basic City services that the residents demand and make us an attractive community to buy a house or open a business. The reserve fund should be maintained as a cushion against a future recession that would cause a drop in revenues.


• How good a job does the city do providing services to residents? What, if anything, would you seek to improve?


The City generally does a good job in providing services to residents. But residents have expressed unhappiness with condition of some of the roads and last year’s leaf collection.

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