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About Steve

Steve came to DeKalb to attend NIU in 1980, fell in love with City, got involved with the community and has made it his home. He has been a resident of the 3rd Ward for 36 of his 39 years in DeKalb.

EDUCATION: B.S. Degree in Economics from NIU

EMPLOYMENT: Scan Coordinator at Jewel Foods. He coordinates price changes and maintains the address system for the products on the shelves.

CITY EXPERIENCE: 3rd ward Alderman 1995-2007 and City Clerk 2009-2012

Steve ran for City Council in 1995 because the City proposed subsidizing the demolition of a historic building in order to bring in a chain drug store that would not bring shoppers from outside the City and therefore not provide additional sales tax for the City. Once on the Council, he advocated for, and the City established, a policy not to use taxpayer money to subsidize drug stores and grocery stores.

INDEPENDENT: When Steve was on the Council he listened to citizens concerns, scrutinized proposals brought before the Council and insisted that the City staff justified their recommendations. He is not a rubber stamp.  ONE EXAMPLE:

When Northland Plaza was redeveloped nearly 20 years ago, Steve was one of the votes on the Council that turned down the initial "final offer" by the developer who came back with a proposal that included a smaller City subsidy, saving the taxpayers $1.8 million.

ACTIVE: Volunteer in community organizations for over 30 years.

A recent example of Steve speaking out against bad City policy:

The City gave away City property to an adjacent property owner who complained about a project for no good reason: DeKalb County Online link:  

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